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Love is in the Air

February is all about celebrating LOVE at STINK! From the perfectly crystallized salts in our Red Fox Aged English cheddar, to the spicy Malbec from France - we are appreciating everything that makes our heart (and belly) fall in love.

So which country would be the best choice for love & romance...oui, FRANCE! We have our French cheeses en route, and already have a great assortment of French wines ready to tantalize your tastebuds.

LIVE Music by David Hannon on Feb. 8th 7-9pm kicks off the romance, and a full schedule of festivities are planned the week of Valentines Day - join in and perform at the Jazz Jam Feb. 13th 7-9pm, feast on a special 5 course meal Feb 14th 5-9pm, and be mesmerized by the sultry vocals of Erina McLaren Feb 16th 7-9pm. If you prefer to get straight to the bottom of the bottle, join us for French Wine Tasting Wednesday 27th 5-8pm (reservations highly recommended).

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