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Cheers to 5 years in the St. Helens neighborhood!

There is no easy way to make this announcement but here it goes. June 17th will be the last day Steve and I operate Stink at our current St. Helens location. As many of you know, we endured (and still do) long hours, miss so much time with our families, and desperately need to care for our health. To give us time to "reset", we have accepted an offer from Blue Rose Bar to lease Stink operations for up to 1 year. The new owner of the St. Helens space will gradually introduce his concept and we are so excited to support him through this transitionary period. We will continue providing support by helping him cover shifts as needed, host events that are reserved already, and make sure he is set up for success. You will still see us around - just rested and in better shape we hope!

What does this mean for Stink after 1 year?

New ideas are brewing as we navigate options that are best for our lifestyle. The social media and website for Stink will include updates as we plan and create. Please continue to follow us so we can stay in touch. We hear you and would love input on how you think STINK can best continue serving our community. Catering? A huge yellow cheesy food truck? Comedy skits from Steve? A location near you? The list goes on. But for now, please join us in welcoming a new business to Tacoma and show how grit city supports. Thank you ALL for keeping us running through the pandemic and beyond. We love you! Keep it Stinky ya'll!


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