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Supporting Local for March

This month is extra special for us as we are celebrating our 4 YEAR ANNIVERSARY as Stink owners! Steve & I contemplated on how to extend our gratitude to every single supporter, business, friend and family member but decided we could not possibly create a list that extensive. There are no words to describe our heartfelt appreciation for what our tribe has done to keep us going through the highs...and lowest of lows. Having only shut down for 1 week during the entire pandemic, we are proud and honored to have the love and support of everyone who ordered takeout, generously donated, included us in local events, and encouraged us to keep going.

We decided focusing on other local businesses was our way to pay it forward as we are still not as strong as pre-Covid days but can certainly shout from the rooftops about fellow small businesses! Our special March menu include:

Goat cheese from Sagging Fence Farm in Port Orchard. I had the best experience with great people, and the goats were incredibly happy!

Adam's Mushrooms with forest finds that you must try

Honey from my dear friend Becca who operates Honey's Healthy Hive out of UP (while raising 4 boys under 10 - amazing!)

Sausage from Verone's in Fircrest

Check out Art from local Tacoma teacher Shawn Foote who also coordinates the galleries and shows we rotate regularly. He has been the driving force behind keeping our walls vibrant and motivating us visually every day.

Music will be celebrated on Friday March 11th 7-9pm with my fellow LCA Alumni, Dave Hannon Although he is in the throes of newborn life with wife, Nicola, Dave still found time to come share his talents with us!

Friday March 25th will also be aLIVE with music as we bring back a lifelong friend to our Chef Nick. Anthony from the Cold 102s is bringing Rob V for a Translinear Light Duo session. Reservations are a must for LIVE MUSIC nights, so please call/email for a spot.

The wine tasting event on March 30th 5-8pm will include 5 tastes from the Wagner Family Collection, so throwing some CA action into the mix. These high-end bottles will be provided at "lil guy" pricing, so please come out to support us and see how much you can save compared to the "big boxers". We want you to go celebrate WA wine month by visiting our fabulous state wineries and felt we could not choose one WA winery for a tasting - this state is truly remarkable. Get out there and explore!


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