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Happy Holidays from around the globe!

One of my favorite Holiday traditions has been trying local food and festivities from markets in different countries. Although the customs and recipes may differ, the decor and twinkling lights are always a warm familiar welcome no matter which country I have visited. This December we have noticed more group gatherings at Stink, along with more party platter requests! We are thrilled that family traditions can be honored again, and hopeful this means we are safely back to healthy celebrations all together. It was difficult to choose one region as there are SO MANY amazing treats we wanted to share. Brie en Croute, a savory cheesecake from Crete, Swedish Fruktsoppa, and Smorrebrod will be offered this month, along with Gluhwein, Coquito and a rambunctious Bubbles tasting on the 21st (5-8pm $20). Wishing you all a happy, healthy Holiday season and looking forward to sharing our Stink hospitality to all! Cheers friends! Love from Jenny & Steve.


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