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Petiscos from Portugal

After surviving the summer waves of random heat and with the kiddos going back to school, we are ready to start sampling wine and treats from around the world again! Thank you for being so patient as we took the summer off from traveling the world, and focused on our lil Stinkers.

Fresh Vinho Verdes, jammy Tintos and rich Ports are personal favorites, so we decided to pair a variety of Petiscos (or snacks) to really give our tastebuds a twirl. Linguica is a smoky must-try, along with creamy Caldo Verde, next-level Conservas, and a few cheesy tricks up our sleeve. Our Wine Tasting event hosted by Josh from Grape Expectations will be Wednesday September 28th, 5-8pm. Reservations highly recommended. Looking forward to seeing everyone soon!


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