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Summer Hours Effective June 1st, and bringing BRUNCH back!

It has been a Stinkin rough year - but we are still here serving our neighbors and trying our best to navigate this roller coaster. Thankfully, we have plenty of wine and cheese to keep us company everyday!

Staying open during the ENTIRE pandemic has proven that we have grit, and shown how incredibly loyal our Stink supporters are. You have consistently ordered takeout, shared our crazy videos on Facebook, donated to the Feed the Fight cause, shown heartfelt generosity that brought us to tears, and encouraged us to keep persevering. As a result, we have been able to "hang-on" tight and keep serving our community.

We took a tremendous hit during the lunch hours, with most downtown office staff working remotely. As a result, we looked into how we can continue to survive this pandemic, but also, how can we be there for our kids (who will be home indefinitely over the summer). The answer came to us in the form of the same repeat question from customers....BRUNCH! Many of you have asked about whether we serve brunch and where our bottomless Bloody Mary's and Mimosas went. So we are cutting out weekday lunch service, and replacing it with Sunday Brunch service!

New recipes are being worked on, and although we are still short-staffed, Steve and I know we can do this!

Please join us Sundays from 10am-3pm for Bottomless Mimosas & Mary's, and a new Stink brunch menu. Since it is such a short day, and we want to safely serve as many guests we are permitted to, there will be a 2 hour table limit. Reservations are highly recommended and the last call will be at 2:30 (for bar and kitchen).

We are now accepting reservations! Keep it stinky, friends.



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